Emotional Health

Emotional health is an extremely important part of growing up healthy. For most kids, staying emotionally healthy is harder than staying physically healthy. We know that everyone goes through difficulties at one time or another, whether it is a personal issue, or something involving a family member.

At Falmouth Pediatrics, we care deeply about your child or adolescent’s emotional health. We will discuss emotional health at well visits to help promote good health from an early age onward. We are also available to discuss problems as they arise. If necessary, we can schedule an emotional health consultation, to make a plan. There are times when you may need referrals to emotional health providers. Whatever the situation, we want to help. Talking about problems is the first part of getting to a better place.

Most insurers do not require referrals from us for outpatient emotional health visits. However, some emotional health providers may not accept your insurance. To find a local provider who accepts your insurance, we recommend that you go on to your health insurance company’s website , then follow the correct link to find providers. Insurers will usually list this under the “Behavioral Health” heading.

If someone in your family has mental illness, getting good, timely and affordable help can be extremely challenging and frustrating. Don’t give up! This link is a good place to start for navigating the system:

Living With A Mental Health Condition